Thursday, January 16, 2014


Every morning I used to get up seeing your face
Every night I used to sleep in your arms
You were there for me every time
Memories by Ankesh Kumar Shrivastava
No matter what I did, you always remained kind
When I cried you were there to hold my hands
When I was happy you were there to share my happiness
Many times you cried cause of me
And some of the worst times of your life was because of me
I love you a lot but don't know why can't I tell
Whenever I troubled you, I felt like a devil from hell
You love me so much but I never gave a thought to that
Now you are so far and I feel so bad
I never thought begin away from you will hurt me so much
I miss your every single caring touch
I want to relive all those moments
I want to feel all that love again
Its not easy to be so far away from you
It hurts every time I see someone holding hands
And I feel like I live on a different land
For begin together we are not meant to be
But, you being happy is all I want to see.

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