Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Last Hug...!!

It's all coming back to me
The nights, the days
Those early morning fights
Those late night romances
The Last Hug by Ankesh Kumar Shrivastava
We used to be inseparable at one time
But, now everything has changed
We lost all what we had
We were even good at being bad
So much has changed now that we can't even hold hands
Now it feels awkward to touch your hair strands
The fights we used to have, the crazy nights we used to have
Loving each other like crazy
The craziness used to be our thing
And when you left everything I had was just a fling
When I touched you today, all came back to me
And I went to the past like we used to be
We had our last hug when you were to leave
It broke my heart to see you go, again
I'll always cherish these moments
I'll always remember our last hug.....


  1. If you didn't thought at that time then y to think and get sad. And rem friend there is no ending of any story till you are thinking on that topic.