Thursday, February 13, 2014

For My Love

We met by luck but, we are together by choice
In my dreams also I can hear your voice
You made my days more brighter
You made my nights shorter
Talking with you I can spend my life
For My Love by Ankesh Kumar Shrivastava
Inside me you are always alive
We fought, we laughed, we even cried
We moved away for very long time
But our heart was always connected
When we met it was never like our first time
From the first moment I knew that you are mine
We have a relation which no one can define
Its not LOVE, its not FRIENDSHIP,
But, it is of it's own kind
For you my love will never end
Just looking at you, all my time I can spend
We even had some ODD people in our lives
They tried to separate us from each other
But we stayed uptight and we are still together
Our love is getting stronger day by day
And you are in my heart forever to stay
In my life no one can ever take your place
As in my life you are because of God's grace...


  1. I never believe in luck. Waise achha likh lete hain aap... Lekin ye chidiya dhyaan bhatka rahi hai... vistor flow ghat jayega.. bounce rate badh jayega... jara sochiye is baare mein

  2. Thanks for the appreciation and your suggestion :) I'll keep that in mind :)

  3. Valentine's Day - लोग कहते हैं की इस दिन न जाने कितने दिल मिलते हैं, टूटने वाले दिलों का कोई हिसाब नहीं?

    1. Humein to khud pata nahi chalta k dil toot raha hai ya jud raha hai...hum to bas har fikar ko dhuyein mei udaate chale gaye :)