Thursday, September 26, 2013


Here we are living so fine
life is just like a straight line
No complications, no difficulties
We are enjoying it to maximum
Always together we are living happily
And the bond between us is tightening easily
All the problems we share with each other
And for anything we do not bother
For any tension we say who cares
And we keep taking all dares
But someone keeps reminding me about future
How will our life be away from each other
We share every smile every fear
But what will happen when no one will be near
To whom will we tell everything
Will we be able to do all these silly fighting
To whom will we say -'hey you are mad'
To whom will we try to please if they are sad
Who knows will we be in touch
Will we be ever able to enjoy this much
Her words sometimes make me think
What if we never meet again
How will our life be without all friends
All these answers are hidden in future
It will be a new world for us
And in her words it will be our DESTINY...!!!

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